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Dryfruit Chikkies

All the Chikkies are crispy and not sticky. It comes in small square slabs so its easy to bite and chew. A healthy snacks item.

Mixnut Chikki - Kaju, Badam, Pista, Kesar, Elaichi, Glucose and Sugar
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Kaju Chikki - Kaju, Kesar, Glucose, Sugar
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Rose Chikki - Rose Petal, Kaju, Glucose, Sugar

Til Chikki - Black Til & White Til / Roasted Til, Gud (Jaggary)
Sing Chikki - Roasted Sing, Gud (Jaggary)
Coconut Chikki - Coconut, Gud (Jaggary)
Rajgeera Chikki - Rajgeera, Sing, Elaichi, Gud (Jaggary) View Analytical Report
Daliya Chikki - Daliya, Gud (Jaggary)

The use of almonds has proved highly -beneficial in the treatment of chronic onstipation. It is an excellent laxative. 11 to 15 kernels taken at bed time will facilitate a clear motion the next morning. Those who stiffer from weak stomach can take seven grams of almond oil with hot milk. -
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